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Beginners' Guide To Playing The Guitar

When I first started to play the guitar, many years ago, my "Bible" was Bert Weedon's "Play in a Day". The basics covered in that little gem are still relevant today.

  • 23 Jun 2017

Acoustic Guitar Overview


The acoustic guitar is a highly popular starter instrument. It's affordable, easy to transport, quiet enough not to disturb others during practice, relatively easy to get a nice sound, and doesn't need any additional equipment like amplification.

  • 6 Jul 2017
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24 Jun 2017
Posted By Luke R.

5 Killer Tips To Play Better Guitar

Most individuals that want to become a famous guitar player are often under the impression that they can just pick up a guitar and after a few attempts start belting out some reasonable sounding music. What they don?t realize is that what they are tempting to do has taken others many years of practice at least for those who are on the top music charts. There are not to many people that can pick up a guitar and make a wonderful sound regenerate from it after the first few tries.
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