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Limited Edition RED95 Red Sparkle Cry Baby Wah Pedal

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Manufacturer Dunlop
Brand Jim Dunlop
Color Limited Edition Red Sparkle
Model Dunlop
SKU 122059
UPC 710137052727
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10 Jul 2017

Essential Strategies for Choosing Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

There are several different types of acoustic guitars for beginners on the market today. When it comes to musical instruments, the guitar is considered to be one of the most popular.

23 Jun 2017

Does Rock Band Make You a Real Musician?

The history of the modern guitar as we know it, dates back to the 14th century although stringed instruments are descended from the Romans around 40 AD.

14 Jul 2017

How to Pick Your First Guitar

Do you want to pick your first guitar? Picking your first guitar can be a difficult choice. There are so many guitars to choose from.

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    23 Jun 2017 Posted By Nettie F.

    Beginners' Guide To Playing The Guitar

    When I first started to play the guitar, many years ago, my "Bible" was Bert Weedon's "Play in a Day". The basics covered in that little gem are still relevant today.

  • Blog Entry
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    6 Jul 2017 Posted By Brady M.

    Acoustic Guitar Overview


    The acoustic guitar is a highly popular starter instrument. It's affordable, easy to transport, quiet enough not to disturb others during practice, relatively easy to get a nice sound, and doesn't need any additional equipment like amplification.

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    Manufacturer: Dunlop Brand: Jim Dunlop Model: 11537002001

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    Manufacturer: Korg USA Inc. Brand: Vox Model: V847A Color: Black